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Valmont – Time Master Intensive Programme (14 x 3ml) (Unwrapped Product)


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With its super concentration of advanced active ingredients (DNA, RNA, Elastin Reviver, peptides, and hyaluronic acid), this powerful skincare programme addresses all the biological factors involved in the visible manifestations of ageing. It’s an intense cellular treatment that deals with skin moisturisation, vitality, luminosity, firmness, and wrinkles. The ultra-fine textured nano-emulsion works as a potent delivery system to penetrate ingredients deep into the skin. In only 28 days, the complexion appears supple, replenished and brighter. The face shines with a new vitality and radiates health and beauty. There are few anti-ageing programmes so focused and powerful as this specially formulated product and regimen from Valmont. Try this for the cutting-edge in age-defying solutions.
Please note that this product is unwrapped.

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