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Valmont – Energy Deto2x Cream (9ml)


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Summer is over, the cold has settled in, and our faces have adopted a sombre, grey shade – a direct consequence of the air pollution that infiltrates our cities, particularly in winter. As we know, air pollution has a tangible effect on our skin. It gets more vulnerable as it is choked by carbon dioxide and harmed by particulate matter. In the absence of clean oxygen, the skin’s complexion becomes dull, and the ageing mechanism accelerates. The great news is that you needn’t wait until summer to detox: Valmont has created the extraordinary oxygenating and purifying that will take you on a non-stop trip to the Swiss Alps and rid your skin of its weariness. DetO2x cream is as efficient as a daily breath of clean air, purifying and replenishing, and acts as a powerful weapon against the damaging effects of the pollution to which we are constantly exposed. You’ll be stunned by its unique, smooth “whipped cream” consistency. When applied each morning, this luscious treatment blends into the skin, revitalising it by removing surplus carbon dioxide while rapidly and directly oxygenating it to boost cellular rejuvenation. Au Revoir, grey complexion! All the ingredients work together to let your skin breathe. It is replenished and smooth, and your facial complexion is refreshed and softened.

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