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Valmont Elixir Des Glaciers Votre Visage Swiss Poly-Active Cream (50ml)


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L’Elixir Des Glaciers Votre Visage is a unique blend enriched with special key ingredients: 20% glacier spring water, pure botanical extracts, and RNA (a molecule that functions as a strong cellular bioactivator). Triple DNA obtained from wild salmon milk in conjunction with three macro entities (sodium, calcium and magnesium) unleashes highly potent properties such as regeneration, cellular renewal, cell renewal and hydration. This rare recipe delivers the ultimate lifting experience for the skin. Day by day, this godsend, with its subtle, sensual and luxuriant creamy texture, delivers a fresher complexion and supple, firmer skin, better tone and a radiantly younger and healthier visage. To guarantee optimal purity and efficacy, the unique formulation of L “Exlir Des Glaciers Votre Visage is only manufactured in restricted quantities; each jar holds in a formula with the utmost freshness. L “Exlir Des Glaciers Votre Visage unveils a refreshed complexion and reveals the beauty, firmness and tone of the skin. Discover the rarest and best in ultra-quality skincare.

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