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Smooth Whip Matte Lip Cream


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WHIP IT REAL GOOD! Smother your lips in Smooth Whip Matte Lip Cream. Colour on Colour. Smooth on Smooth. Lip Whip overload! Get your smooth on with 12, out-of-this-world, vibrant, lip-smacking smooth shades that deliver maximum colour payoff in just one swipe. Say goodbye to texture and lines with Smooth Whip Matte Lip Cream, giving a real-life smoothing filter for your lips! MMM-MMM lip-smacking smooth! Smooth whipped goodness! Giving all-day smooth sensation while nourishing your lips for all-day wear with long-lasting colour. Smooth lines! Smooth lips! Smooth on smooth! Smooth colour! Vibrant Lip Smoothers! You’re going to want to whip it real good! Swipe on lips with a lip hugging applicator and build-up the Smooth Whip Matte Lip Cream as desired.

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