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Pampeano Alpaca Fur Trimmed Cape – Dark Taupe


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This stunning cape has been handmade from baby alpaca wool, gathered from Peruvian alpacas in their first Spring. The fur trim on the cape is created from the finest of downy wools, collected from natural herd loss as the turn of the season begins to thaw the hilltops of the Andes mountains. Pair with your favourite pampeano polo belt, for a piece of South American luxury that will be the perfect accent to break up the soft taupe of the cape. Your belt can be wrapped around the waist to create a cinching effect that will help to keep the luxurious wool close to your body. The elegant, flowing lines of an alpaca cape make for a piece that is as beautiful as it is cosy. Alpaca wool is known for its unsurpassed softness, and is more insulating and long-lasting than cashmere or even merino. This rare natural material has been collected by nomadic communities in the Andes for hundreds of years.

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