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Mio – Moisturiser Muscle Motivator Revitalising Gel (125ml)


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Treat your hard-working muscles to some much-needed TLC with Mio’s replenishing, botanical-infused Muscle Motivator Revitalising Gel. Enriched with replenishing menthol and boasting a lightweight, easily-absorbed texture, this will leave you feeling as good as new like that. Cooling, soothing, and delightfully invigorating, you’ll quickly feel the relief wash over tired limbs as this cool blue gel gets to work. For when you’re feeling the burn, have been on your feet all day long or need a helping hand to bring life back to your hard-working body, Mio’s hydrating gel is quick to come to the rescue. Brimming with a ‘Feel-Good Complex’ made up of Indian fig extract and Monk’s pepper berry, this instantly boosts hydration and leaves you feeling uplifted. The cooling, invigorating aroma of menthols wakes up tired souls, helped along by refreshing notes of eucalyptus and orange essential oils… this is your SOS staple for bringing an overworked body back from the brink.

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