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Manic Panic – High Voltage Mermaid Blue (118ml)


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Manic Panic High Voltage Classic Hair Colour Mermaid (118ml) is a stunning, ocean teal semi-permanent hair colour cream. Vegan-friendly and free from peroxide, ammonia and parabens, this vivid hair colour is formulated with a conditioning cream base and replenishes the hair with increased hydration and softness. Lasting up to 6 weeks, Manic Panic is a direct colour, requiring no mixing and is packaged in a resealable tub for prolonged use. Completely cruelty-free. Directions of use: Comb hair thoroughly before use and always wear gloves. Perform a strand and skin patch test to confirm colour selection and to test for allergies. For optimum colour results, bleach the hair to level 9 or 10 before applying. Apply a small amount of baby oil or petroleum jelly around the hairline and to the ears to avoid stains. Apply the product evenly and thoroughly to clean, dry hair and leave for several hours or overnight depending on required intensity. After the first application, rinse with cool or cold water to lock in colour. Not suitable for use on hair with more than 10% grey.

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