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Hydraluxe Pro Hair Dryer


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Remington’s Hydraluxe Pro Hairdryer lets you create beautiful expert results with no heat damage. You can create statement styles that have serious shine thanks ionic conditioning. The distribution of millions of ions creates a smooth and shiny finish every time. You can tailor your blow-dry to your hair type with the Hydraluxe Pro Hairdryer. Letting you choose from 3 Heat and 2 Speed Settings on the Premium LED Display, you can enjoy personalised styling results. The Hydraluxe Pro Hairdryer has Hydracare Sensor Technology that lets you create a beautiful blow-dry, without any heat damage (no added damage vs. air-dried hair when drying with the Hydracare). The sensor continuously regulates the temperature of the air directed to your hair, protecting against excessive heat build-up, without compromising on your styling results. The Hydraluxe Pro Hairdryer lets you enjoy salon blow-dry results, whether you’re creating a bouncy blow-dry, a super sleek style or simply blasting your hair dry. Its Powerful Digital Motor delivers a precise airflow with speeds of up to 160km/h, for 50% Faster Drying (vs. a standard Remington 2200W hairdryer). Enjoy smoother, softer, shinier (92 out of 113 hairdryer users agreed compared to their hairdryer in 2020) results, thanks to the Moisture Lock Conditioners from the Hydraluxe Pro Hairdryer. Micro conditioners are released into the airflow with every blow-dry, forming a barrier to help preserve the hairs’ perfect balance of moisture.

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