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Fenty Skin Plush Puddin’ Plumping And Repairing Lip Mask 36,5G Kalahari Melon


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This lip mask formulated with castor and coconut oil brings the volume and softness for plumper-looking pout while smoothing out wrinkles around the mouth. Deeply nourish your lips all day and all night long with this vitamin-rich lip mask: – hydrates your lips for longer thanks to the strong humectant power of coconut oil for lips, combined in this plumping lip treatment with non-comedogenic castor oil rich in fatty acids essential to the skin’s natural hydration system – redefines the contour of your lips with each application of this mask targeting dry and damaged lips that can be marked by signs of aging. Formulated with vitamin E, which helps reduce fine lines & wrinkles around lips – revitalizes lips that are weakened by dry air or pollution, thanks to all-natural vitamin C from Barbados cherries, a berry with recognized antioxidant properties – plumps up thin or dehydrated lips for a delicious, sensual smile that shows how much you’re taking care of yourself, thanks to a complex of firming jojoba and pomegranate plant oils – smoothes the delicate surface of your lips to give them softness and irresistible charm thanks to castor and coconut oil enriched with tocopherols, a form of vitamin E commonly used to help eliminate wrinkles around the mouth

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