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Ellips – Smooth & Shiny Vitamins for Hair Volume (x50 Capsules)


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Ellips Smooth & Shiny applied hair vitamins with argan seed oil, aloe vera gel and vitamins A, C, E, B5, specially designed for abundant hair hydration, helping to lift it from the roots. The aloe vera in the composition actively acts as a moisturizing component, strengthens the hair and gives it lightness, fluffiness, the hair instantly looks lusher, fuller and thicker. Argan oil helps to create a protective barrier, protecting the hair from damage or helping to restore damaged areas of the hair. Restores natural elasticity and firmness, gives a healthy glow. Aloe makes combing the hair easier, the hair becomes softer and smoother, and reduces electrification. Protects hair from heat (up to 220 °C) emitted by hair dryers, tongs for straightening or curling hair, and also protects against ultraviolet (UV) rays. Due to the innovative formula, the product does not make the hair greasy or heavy, although the texture itself is close to an oily consistency, which is gently and easily distributed between the palms, then applied to washed, but still damp, hair along its entire length. Does not leave any sticky feeling, absorbs quickly. Especially suitable for thin and medium hair. Suitable for vegans. Degradable capsule is environmentally friendly. Very convenient to use: 1 capsule – 1 time – 1 ml. Suitable for everyday use and travel. To use: 1 capsule is applied to washed, but still damp hair along its entire length. Hair roots do not need to be applied. Allow to dry for about 10 minutes. Then dry as usual.

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