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âme pure® – CIT Pen (0.5mm)


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The âme pure® CIT Pen has an ergonomic design that is perfect for conducting the microneedling treatment on small and sensitive areas that are hard to reach and treat with the âme pure® CIT Roller. The CIT Pen is specifically designed to treat the nose and the area at the corners of the eyes (crow’s feet). It is also proven to be effective against wrinkles around the lips and works wonders on pigmentation marks on the hands. The CIT Pen allows for a high-precision treatment of smaller areas and delicate skin. The âme pure® CIT Pen smooths the surface of the skin with micro-fine needles. This creates tiny invisible punctures in the top layer of the skin, which triggers the body’s healing process and immediately activates the production of a blast of collagen and elastin. The skin’s natural repair process helps fill in and smooth out wrinkles, fine lines and scars while also shrinking enlarged pores. Collagen production in the skin can increase by more than 200% after just one single use, while the invisible punctures that the CIT Pen creates in the epidermis increase the absorption of the Gel’s potent active ingredients 1000-fold. We highly recommend using the CIT Pen with the âme pure® Collagen Therapy™ Gels. They were developed and formulated especially to be used immediately after performing the microneedling treatment, at the moment when the skin is punctured by many microscopic channels that increase the absorption of active ingredients 1000-fold. They contain potent active ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin and have a powerful skin-perfecting, rejuvenating and blemish-combatting effects. They also soothe the skin and immediately reduce the redness that occurs after the microneedling treatment. The CIT Pen is effective for treating: -Wrinkles near the eyes (crow’s feet) -Wrinkles around the mouth -Nose -Pigmentation -Scars* How To Use: We recommend performing the microneedling treatment with the CIT Pen during the evening 2-4 times per week every second week. You will have 1 week where you perform the treatment, and 1 week where you do not. Produced in the EU exclusively for âme pure® in accordance with EU Cosmetic GMP Certification. *The results are documented in several clinical studies. Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

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