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Acqua Di Parma – Selection Set 10pcs


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Discover the different lines of Acqua di Parma, to understand which scented sensation resonates the most with you.
A perfume sample set with a selection of 10 of the Maison’s most iconic fragrances: Colonia, Colonia Essenza, Colonia Pura, Arancia di Capri, Fico di Amalfi, Mirto di Panarea, Yuzu, Osmanthus, Quercia and Oud.
Share a yellow gift of Italian sun, soul and style.
Selection Set:
The iconic Acqua di Parma Eau de Cologne that symbolises Italianity in a universally-loved, reassuring citrus-scented blend
Colonia Essenza
A woody-scented reinterpretion of the iconic Colonia with a thrilling perspective that epitomises authentic sophistication
Colonia Pura
An effortlessly elegant illumination of the iconic Colonia as a fresh and blissful twist on the Maison’s quintessential Italian lightness
BLU MEDITERRANEO (Eau de Toilette)
Arancia di Capri
A fascinating expression of Capri’s irresistible magic that captures the sunny atmosphere of a relaxing stroll across the island
Fico di Amalfi
An olfactive signature of the Mediterranean landscape of the Amalfi Coast that expresses the perfume of the fig tree in all its complexity
Mirto di Panarea
An ode to the volcanic landscape of Panarea, an island suspended in time, that embodies the aromatic warmth of myrtle
An extraordinarily radiant perfume where the brightness of rare, oriental yuzu notes meets Acqua di Parma’s signature golden fruits
A radiant and sensual perfume distilled from precious osmanthus essence, viewed through the olfactory prism of citrus lightness
An enveloping and powerful perfume that surprises with the generously rich scent of magnificent oakmoss absolute
A magnetic and decisive perfume where the freshness of Italian citrus notes meets the olfactive opulence of agarwood oil
A discovery set that will allow you to find your next perfume among the different lines of the Maison, to understand which scented sensation resonates the most with you.

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